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Integrity, Innovation, Thanksgiving, Harmony
“Integrity” means being honest, promise-keeping and contract-honoring and focusing on credit and is the foundation for Wedo people to open a great situation and find a foothold in the market.
“Innovation” -- Wedo people adhere to being people-oriented and technological innovation based and believe that only by making constant innovation and sustainable improvement in products can an enterprise survive and never fail in the fiercely competitive market waves.
“Thanksgiving” – Thanksgiving between enterprises and their customers refers to enterprises thank customers for benefits brought by customers and customers thank enterprises for quality products and service brought by enterprises; thanksgiving between enterprises and the society means enterprises thank the society for the good market environment provided by the society and the society thanks enterprises for social value created by enterprises; thanksgiving between management and employees means the management thank employees for valuable products made by employees and employees thank the management for the excellent working environment provided by the management. Thanksgiving is a virtue of the Chinese nation. Wedo people are just inheriting and carrying forward this virtue and thriving the enterprise with virtue. Every Wedo people will treat surrounding people, serve the society and return the society with a thankful heart and create more value for the society.
"Harmony” means peace, unity, tolerance and collaboration. “Good opportunities are not as important as favorable geographical locations; but favorable geographical locations are not as important as unity of people”. Wedo people unite and gather all professional personnel interested in engaging in and serving the industry with a mind of harmony, unity and tolerance to create a big situation.
Wedo Values:
Create a First-class Enterprise, Return Shareholders, Make First-class Products, Serve the Society
Wedo Goal:
Be Industry Pioneer, Create Beautiful Life
Wedo Tenet:
Quality Foremost, Serve the Society, Technological Innovation, Continuous Improvement
Wedo Advertising Slogan:
Enterprise Slogan: Wedo creates beautiful life
Product Slogan: Wedo Paint – True color space
Wedo Paint – Concrete surface protection expert
Wedo Vision
Strive to be the pioneer of the high polymer concrete protective coating industry and among top three of manufacturing enterprises in China’s floor coating industry