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Providing Regional Project Information:
Wedo Market Department sends special personnel to collect and sort information about projects under construction or planned construction in the regional markets and provide it to regional distributors for business follow-up on a monthly basis.
Business Personnel Training:
Wedo provides free business training service to business personnel of all distributors’ and passes on all practical experience and methods accumulated by project managers working for more than ten years in the floor industry unreservedly.
During training for business personnel, Wedo shall give business personnel sent by distributors a series of knowledge training including Wedo corporate culture, product technology, construction technology, business negotiation, contract signing, business risk control and professional ethics. In addition, at the invitation of some individual distributors, Wedo can also organize business training for business personnel of regional distributors from time to time.
During business personnel training, travel expense, accommodation fees, etc. all should be paid by distributors of all regions. After the training, Wedo will organize a large-scale dinner party for business training personnel, so as to enhance their sense of belonging and unity.
Advertising Support
Wedo can give certain advertising investment and support according to the regional market capacity and sales volume in the form of high pole advertising investment, regional exhibition product promotions, regional industry product publicity, etc.