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Shanghai weiwei chemical technology co., LTD. Half a year summary meeting and training conference a perfect conclusion!

Shanghai weiwei chemical technology co., LTD. Half a year summary meeting and training conference a perfect conclusion!

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From July 14 to July 17, 2016, Shanghai weiwei chemical technology co., LTD. Held the work summary meeting of the 2016 half year in Shanghai headquarters. Mr. Zhu qingjian, chairman of the board of directors of the company, made an important speech at the meeting, and Mr. Cao yibing, general manager of the company, guided the work. Leaders of the company and leaders of each branch (department), more than 40 people attended the meeting.
At the semi-annual summary meeting, a comprehensive review of the work in the first half of the year, the performance of the analysis of the existing problems and shortcomings, and the second half of the work ideas and plans for the report. And from the company to the annual work of the overall goal, the general idea, the general task, the general requirements to promote the implementation. In the first half of 2016, the results of dimension were satisfactory, with a substantial increase compared with the same period of last year.
In order to improve the management level of the company and cultivate the team spirit of employees. All members of the dimension participated in the training conference from July 21 to 24. The training covers corporate culture, team quality of efficient execution, establishment of high performance team, financial system, interpretation of the policy of replacing business tax with value-added tax, explanation of matters requiring attention in bid evaluation, analysis of floor industry report and other aspects. The training will enable all employees to change their ideas and strengthen team building. Constructive Suggestions from employees on the company's development were also adopted by the senior management.
All members of Shanghai weiwei chemical technology co., ltd. will unswervingly implement the instructions of the company leaders, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, never forget the original intention, down-to-earth, and strive for the comprehensive completion of 2016 goals and tasks!