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Dimension sharing ‖ floor coating deployment and use should pay attention to matters

Dimension sharing ‖ floor coating deployment and use should pay attention to matters

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Floor coating is flammable and explosive materials, in the deployment, especially the deployment of two components to be away from the source of fire, at the same time it has volatile, in the construction process should pay attention to the construction time.
Specific matters needing attention are as follows:
1, floor paint warehouse is not allowed to deploy paint, deployment and construction site should be a certain distance from the warehouse, so as to avoid flammable and toxic volatile vapor diffusion to the warehouse. Coating packaging bucket should be strictly sealed, at the same time to check to prevent leakage and other phenomena. In case of leakage of the barrel, the barrel shall be put out of the warehouse, changed or repaired in a safe place, and shall not be repaired by welding or other methods in the warehouse.
2, floor paint bucket, should be outside the warehouse, not with metal percussion equipment, so as not to produce sparks. Can no longer stack open paint drums in the warehouse. Used cotton yarn, waste, empty barrels should not be discarded in the warehouse. Empty barrels of paint shall be centrally stored in a well-ventilated place and treated regularly.
3, the preparation of coating to have a special ingredients room or in the outdoor construction phenomenon, can not be in the warehouse ingredients. There shall be no fire source near the mixing room, and certain fire fighting equipment shall be equipped. The interior of the mixing room shall not store too much inflammable and explosive materials, and shall be cleaned regularly and kept clean. Do not use flammable paints or thinners in places where people are often walking or operating.
4. The mixing room should be well ventilated, dry and cool, and maintain a certain temperature and humidity. All kinds of coatings should be placed neatly, such as two-component multi-component coating should be matched.
5, paint bucket open tank configuration may find a variety of ills or pathological, such as bottom, agglomeration, crust, precipitation, gelation, drying, should be treated in accordance with the relevant prevention and control measures of the coating. Mix and filter the paint thoroughly.
6, two-component coating in accordance with a certain proportion of uniform deployment, there must be a certain activation period. Deployment of good paint, such as in a big iron bucket, to use a double layer of kraft paper or plastic paper to cover the mouth of the bucket, and then tied with a string, to prevent gas volatilization or dust fall into. The paint should be used up in as short a time as possible, especially the two-component paint has a certain service life.